We cooperate with advanced international study group and researchers.

E.P.I.C is the one of most academic study group in Japan, which concept is evidenced based periodontology and implantlogy
it’s hosted by Dr.Nikaido, Dr.Shimizu, Dr.Tuchida, Dr.Hoshi.

iPerio is the one of the best study group in Italy which is hosted by Giulio Rasperini.
iPerio was born to support research and education in the field of Periodontology.
The focus on clinical aspects of periodontal therapy puts the patient in the center of all our activities bearing in mind that only through knowledge and practice can a practitioner offer the best available treatment to his/her patients.
iPerio offers courses on Periodontology and related fields that can be tailored on the specific needs of each practitioner.

TangramOdis is one of the best educational course mostly based in Italy which is hosted by Pierpaolo Cortellini and Maurizio Tonetti.
The primary goal of TangramOdis is to enhance the knowledge, skills and practice of dental clinicians and dental hygienists.
Our Continuing Education Program includes lectures, group discussions, hands-on laboratory sessions and live patient demonstrations.
Ample time is allotted for participants to interact with the lecturers and the instructors to allow immediate assimilation of this new information into your practice.
Most of our activities take place in the wonderful city of Firenze